a love offering

Posted on Sunday, February 8, 2015

I am a seed in the feeder.

Though there are thousands –

each of us with our striped backs, crisp

coats and fatty filling –

on this particular day, this sparrow

chose me.


Was it the blackness of my shell

or the fragrant oil that attracted him to me –

or was it the simple placement of us,

a perfect and serendipitous intersection

between time and space, luck or fate?


Today, as I say, I arose

a mere sunflower seed

plucked and placed by tired hands

of others into a large vessel of light.


I sat and did as I often do, waiting,

and sitting comfortably. I did not

shine the shell of my body,

I did not wrestle with the others

to slither down into the mouth

of the wide-open feeder, screaming,

“I am what you want!”


Today, I learned the truest

calling of a love offering. I was

all of myself, entirely. That

is what called this sparrow

to me.


And in giving all of myself,

I, in turn, vanished and instantly

was given wings.


behind the scenes

As lovers, as mothers, as friends and as humans, we give so much, it, at times, becomes hard to see why we do such things. Writing and playing with metaphors, the image of a sunflower seed came to mind. Perhaps it is because my son and I have begun a daily ritual of bird feeding in the backyard, watching new and old friends share and bicker between bites on the feeder. Perhaps because of my love for birds, I relate so much to a subconscious animal friend within me. Or maybe because I exhaust myself day after day giving all that I can to my beloveds.

What is true is that it came to me as a way of healing so that when I think of myself as invisible, insignificant or lowly, when I am just being who I am, feeling unattractive or meek, that I am reminded I serve a purpose. And when I close my ears to the endless chatter, I find that this is all I need to do. In doing so, what a gift for the receiver – but even more so, for the giver. For in giving – giving to my husband, giving to my son, giving as a “seed” – I’ve become the giving itself. I’ve moved beyond just an ordinary action into a divine interaction. If I allow myself to really feel the giving, I see that I’m traveling with that energy, and I’m used anew, in the bird, with the bird, as a bird.


feature image provided by MollyCranch


  1. I love this! It’s so easy to feel like we are losing ourselves in giving so much as moms, wives, and even professionally (I’m in a “helping profession”). This is a beautiful reminder that in losing ourselves we can actually find our true self, and become our true essence.

    • Hi Pam,

      Yes, you are so right – even professionally! Thank you for connecting and sharing how you relate to this piece.

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