becky says goodbye to corporate bonuses and hello to boot-camp classes

Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I have often wondered about the intricacies of hiring and firing for employees who work in the human resources department.  Do you fire yourself?  How does one negotiate a compensation package?  Although I still don’t know the exact details, I did learn a lot about how one Human Resources Director’s career turned into one of fitness.  Becky, owner of Commit2Fit, decided to leave the days of interviews and benefits meetings to enter the days of squatting and stretching.  The choice for Becky to leave her position after twelve years in human resources was freeing.  “I don’t see myself in the next twenty-five to thirty years going into a corporate job every day.”

Becky, who now enjoys waking to see her early morning clients says, “I got to the point where I would wake up in the morning and would dread going into work.”  A regularly positive person, this was a clear sign to Becky that something was not right in her life.  Instead of “sticking with it” and trying to convince herself to continue down the path she spent years pursuing, she saw this as an opportunity to expand her abilities. Becky comments,


 People feel like they’ve gone down one particular path and they have to do it because that’s all that they know.


While that path may be obvious and easy, she decided to take the route (like her workouts), which was exciting and adventurous. 

Becky said journaling helped her figure out what she really wanted to do next.  The process of writing and reflection allowed her to see the consistent passion in her life – she kept going back to fitness.  Finally, she stopped thinking about it, writing about it, and made it a reality.  Her office is now not temperature controlled and accompanied with certificates and books; she turns up the music, gets out the kettle-bells and leads a boot-camp class to athletes of all levels.

Her fitness philosophy is not about how many hours one spends at the gym, but instead about being healthy and taking care of oneself, however that may look.  She does not see health as a specific recipe for all people; health and fitness is a blending and understanding that varies from person to person.  She keeps coming back to the same belief; she wants to encourage others to know what is right for one person may not be what another person needs. “Everybody’s body is different,” says Becky.   I ask her about her favorite foods, hoping to find a secret indulgence.  “Chicken,” she says.  She just loves her protein.  When she’s feeling wild and crazy, she treats herself a small sweet.  “It used to be milk chocolate, but now it’s dark chocolate covered blueberries.”  Whether it’s chocolate or chicken, Becky’s optimistic attitude is undeniable, echoing her message of creating a happy and healthy lifestyle that is realistic.

I ask Becky about transitioning and moving from corporate training to physical training.  Becky believes her decision to obtain a Master’s degree in Human Resources was not a mistake or waste of time now that she works in the fitness industry.  It allowed a core foundation that provided years of experience and insight into her passion and talent to understand people. “I can adapt to a wide variety of people and cultures.  I feel like I can understand people in a way.” She’s traveled to China, Germany and India among other places.  She quotes her friends who say, “You’re like a floater.”  Becky chuckles a bit, recognizing her gift to adapt to various personalities, which she now uses when working with clients and understanding their health needs.

 True health does not stop with food and fitness; happiness, sleep and self-discovery are key parts to a balance and wholesome life.  Now, as a coach and mentor herself, Becky offers advice to others deciding what it is they truly want in life.


You need to figure out what you’re passionate about.  Don’t do something because others think you should do it.  Things change and life changes. 


Becky uses this viewpoint to her advantage.  Instead of judging or second-guessing, she embraces and accepts new goals, career choices and personal growth.  This rowdy prisoner says, “I try to not look back or too far ahead.  I try to focus on the now.”

Now, she focuses on what feels right.  One of Becky’s most admired traits is listening to and trusting herself.  She moved from making decisions based on what she thought others wanted for her life and now creates the life she wants.  Her confidence in knowing herself from physical fitness, food choices and her courageous leap into starting commit2fit is evident.  Humbly, she comments on the ease, fun and rewarding experience she has each day, saying,


It’s partly luck, but when you do what you love, it falls in line.

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