dutiful wife

Posted on Tuesday, January 8, 2013

he is sitting in the front seat

eyes fixated on the road ahead


she is behind him

head down, quiet, dutiful


her head, wrapped

her face, shielded


she stares, hypnotized, baffled

at the love of a cradled life


this father, driving the newborn home

and this mother, unable to look away


behind the scenes

I jotted this down in my notebook while stopping at a traffic light.  I observed a beautiful middle eastern woman, her face partially covered with a burqa, sitting in the backseat of the car with a man driving.  Initially, I wondered why she was sitting in the back with her husband in the front.  After watching their interaction for a while at the stop light, it became apparent that she was sitting with their newborn, in awe of their beautiful creation.  The mother was trying her best to comfort her child, and the father was providing security to his family by driving them home.  Again, a wonderful lesson that things are not always what they seem.


feature image, Indian Woman with Red Bindi, provided by Ginette Fine Art



  1. Great poem Jessica, and I really loved the back story, it makes all the difference. Makes me wonder what kind of snap judgements I make.

    • Thanks, Colleen. Yes, I think a lot lately – how much does judgement impact us and those around us? Certainly it can keep us from seeing the beauty in each person. Cheers to less judgment and more acceptance!

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