escape plan

Posted on Sunday, November 1, 2015

We skilled prisoners.

We, packed with our bulky suitcases of expectations,

our years upon years of planning out the road written for us.

Each day we polish silver rings around our wrists,

their grip so tight from the swelling of running

and tugging against our very selves.


Nevertheless, with all devotion, we polish, trusting in their false safety,

these chimes adorning the sores on our skin

whispering promises we’ve distorted generations long.


This morning I saw the faintest sliver of light entering the crack of my cell house.

I saw a galaxy of infinite stars of dust dancing, their almost invisible bodies

bending, jumping, leaping with such freedom.

How must it feel to live in the eye of such blind men

unafraid to dance, unafraid of wholeness, purity, courage?


I neared this wedge of sun –

his harshness greeting the dark sockets of my face.

In the conference room of my den I began my day a different way.

I asked the stranger before me, How will you change?

With an intention, a mantra, a prayer?

A belief, a song?


“Like this,” he spoke, and the longing swirled across daylight:

As particles of life dance before you, as sand stretches across shores,

as rebels share secrets, as shells collect stories, as birds open their wings –

In tiny pitter-patters of the heart our true becoming occurs like this.

Like invisible atoms busy at work, in small ways.


It was there I felt the faintest glimpse of unlocking,

a releasing from the clasp of life’s instructions.

It was there I sensed those tiny bracelets slipping from my skin all too easily

I looked down and for the first time saw truth,

their grimy grey threads pulling all my illumination from me.

The lifetimes of stories and voices chanting, hushed.

The prisoner of my own making, weakened.

What life was sucked out of me ceased, and my ears opened.


There is a celebrating that has been taking place all along

in this wild pursuit of happiness.

We only have to ask. We only have to see it.

And then, we must fly.


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