from the sky

Posted on Wednesday, December 11, 2013

There are no words I can speak other than time. The sweet words of space say everything inside of me. Look at the fallen leaf. Pulling it from high branches requires such effort. But when it falls when ready it dances with such grace often times gently before your feet. Pick me up then and walk me home in your hands as this surprise fell just for you today from the sky. I fall one thousand times a day for you. Each time you want to tug my hand, think of the sad face of the leaf – how it crumbles when moved with force. Remember the miracles that fall with time.

the building
of a song


Thank you, Contemporary Haibun Online, for featuring my work.


feature image provided by Etsy La Berge bird


  1. Many congrats, Jessica. Beautiful. Hope all is well in your world. Besitos.

    • ¡Gracias, Louisa! Si, mi vida está buena. Mi niño tiene 7 semanas esta semana. Es maravillosa ser mamá.

      Me gusta mucho tu blog y espero ver mas en el año nuevo.

      Un abrazo fuerte.

  2. What a beautiful, moving image your halibun created for me. When I finished reading, I just for a few moments and enjoyed the emotions your writing generated.

    • Thank you, Don. So glad to hear this haibun impacted you.

      By the way, I saw some of your writing in the latest YTHS GEPPO newsletter. It’s wonderful to see you submitting your haiku. Is this holiday season inspiring more poetry in your world?

      • No Jessica, the holiday hasn’t really inspired poetry. Not yet anyway. Next week, both my adult children are coming from out of state to visit, which I’m sure will bring poetry to my life.

        I’m still writing haiku daily, as well as another haiku related project. My pen is keeping busy.

        • Well I’d say haiku is poetry.. so yes you are! 😉 Enjoy the holidays with your family.

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