green glass

Posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Does the bottle choose its fate?  From a bobbing arrival on the sands of a faraway land to a wine bottle filled with the finest of a vintner’s pride – there is a bottle on our table that has arrived as a water vessel. Did it have a life before? Was it filled with red wine, white? How did it last the travels unbroken? Does it get to choose?

 As humans, we think we have control over our fate, yet, like the green glass, we are simply an amalgamation of sand, limestone and heat.


As a system, we form a being – beings that cannot choose our own fate.  A bottle floating on the ceiling of the sea cannot choose which beachhead it will find.  Let us not choose our own tide.  Let us welcome the wine, welcome the water, welcome the risk of becoming a thousand slivers of ourselves, as long as we are free.


behind the scenes

Guest post by Kevin Latham, written at a cafe in Tucson, Arizona.  The prompt was to write for five minutes about the water bottle on our table.

feature image provided by Andrew Purchin



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