holy pirate

Posted on Monday, August 27, 2012

People turn away from the man with the deeply scarred face.  While their heads focus in another direction, their eyes keep darting back at him, desperate to take another look.  In him, there is love.  In him, there is beauty.  He is like so many of us – filled with hurts and imperfections – only his are more visible from the outside.

Inside us all, we carry a treasure box.  Although filled diamonds and rubies, it has been deserted and collected cobwebs.  In fact, so many spiders and creatures are crawling all over this treasure box, people no longer search for it.  But it is still there.  Beauty still fills the plain, closed, rejected box.


 I want to be a holy pirate, stealing treasure boxes and opening the container to reveal the precious jewels in us all.


We are all deserving.  We are all creatures of the divine.  We are all rusty boxes that have forgotten to open our lids and let our riches pour out.


feature image provided by Christine E. Alfery

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