kirstin talks about being scrumptious and how to bring out scrumptiousness in everyone

Posted on Monday, November 19, 2012

“He told me that I was scrumptious.”  Kirstin, owner of Scrumptious Skin, recounts the story of how she came up with the name of her adorable skincare studio, one of the first times I’ve seen her with slightly blushed cheeks. “And when I was thinking of the name of my business that popped into my head.”  She tells me why that particular name moved from a friend’s complimenting comment to a name for all women to experience when they step into her intimate studio:


Everybody should want to feel like that – tasty and delicious and cute and desirable.   You should want to feel good about yourself!


Kirstin wants others to feel the same way she felt after first being told about her irresistible scrumptiousness.  She recognized that women’s skin should feel scrumptious.  She still loves the name (as do I) and couldn’t imagine naming it anything else.  Her goal is to enable women to become the scrumptiously sexy women they want to become.  “I think all women should feel pretty and I want to help women feel that way.  I think all women are beautiful in all different ways and to encourage and build that up is important.”


Women today yearn for equality (rightfully so) along with a serious acceptance in the business world, but within the multi-layered, complex world of women, there is still a strong desire and birthright to be wildly feminine and proud of it.  “We are told to look this, be this, feel this and do that. That’s bull,” says Kirstin.  We should not be shy about our radiant female nature, but rather scream from rooftops.  Okay, maybe just at skincare studios or in our homes.  No matter where we chose to flaunt it, we all look for it in many ways.  Some of us may find it in the style of clothing we chose, in fixing our hair, spraying ourselves with sensual scents or dressing up our skin.  Kirstin, in full and relentless honestly about her proud girlishness says, “I love playing beauty parlor.  Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to do makeup.”


She now counts her blessings, privileged to make money for playing “beauty parlor,” something she still loves.  She delightfully spends her days deeply devoted to waxings, facials, peels and makeup application.  No matter what way she touches the skin, Kirstin is proud of her work.  After all, touch is one of the most powerful senses.  Kirstin massages, cleanses and heals skin from head to toe all with a drive to allows others to feel their very best.  With skin as the largest and most sensitive organ of the body, I’d say she’s quite the medicine woman.  Skilled in various waxing services, Kirstin has seen a little bit of everything.


 With waxing, some women are sensitive, but for the most part women suck it up and they do it.  They make it happen.


In addition to her healing hands, she acts as part therapist.  Because her job is so intimate, Kirstin feels “women can be much more candid in those situations where they may might not normally.”  Quite a gregarious, little chatterbox, Kirstin thrives on conversation and community, an inherent trait of many women.  She explains,


 I get to hear experiences about different people’s lives that you might not hear from other people.  I get to hear about people’s sex positions and what they like in bed and what they don’t like in bed.  What they think of their boyfriend or their kids, that they might not tell this to their dentist.

From sex to political positions, Kirstin’s heard it all.  She laughs and then, in the same minute, looks at me seriously.  “I like the fact that I work with women.  That’s really important to me.  I love women.  Men are great too, but I feel like women are the life force of the world.  I like hearing women talk and hearing women’s stories.  It’s fun to see the common threads of humanity.  A lot of women think the same way and they feel the same way.  There are many issues prevalent for all women; we’re all dealing with similar kinds of issues. You’re not as alone as you think you are.  There’s a lot of strength there as well. Women are resilient.  Women keep going.”  And, in that moment, I feel a strong satiation for life. Kirstin has nailed down her passion for her life work.


Like her clients, Kirstin is one tough cookie.  She tells me of her story (warts and all!) about the move from working in a salon to owning her own studio.  “My business is one of the biggest risks I’ve taken, because I had to be completely self-reliant.  I don’t like to take a lot of risks and I am such a control freak, that to do something open-ended was hugely scary to me, taking my safety net away from myself and being the only person responsible.” I can feel the tension and see it in her eyes.  Her breath shortens, exposing how she still vividly feels the situation when she began her studio years ago.  As though she’s just massaged her own heart, I then see the radiance in her skin brighten.  Kirstin takes a breath and tells me, “There wasn’t anyone else I could blame if it flopped.  I couldn’t blame employers.  I had to trust myself.”  Trusting herself has proven to be a good decision.


As always, I feel rejuvenated after seeing Kirstin, even hours later.  It’s now late in the evening and I’ve just spread my special “scrub day” sugar scrub all over my body, a once-a-week ritual I started several years ago.  I feel refreshingly tasty, or as Kirstin would say – scrumptious.  I meditate on my feelings while eyeing myself the mirror.  Yes there are a few more lines to tell the story of this woman that I’ve become, but I am still just like a little girl.  In this moment, I do not want to think about the list of groceries, the bills on the table, or unanswered emails.  I want those responsibilities to fall away, just this once as I spend time pampering myself.  I want to I enjoy the softness of a comb run through my hair.  I want to appreciate the shine of my freshly polished nails and the feeling of lotion soaking in my soft skin.  I think of Kirstin, thankful for her ability to bring out the beauty inside and out.  In this moment, there is no need to think of the complexities of the world.  In this moment, I can bow down to the craving, like Kirstin’s, to showing women that we are all beautiful.  In this moment, I’m left with Kirstin’s honest words that I so strongly relate to, words she told me earlier in the day that still ring true tonight and will for many more years of my life: “I am a girl.  It’s as simple as that.”



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  1. I enjoyed reading this. Yes to embracing our femininity!

    • Yes, I second that, Rebekah! Thanks for your reading Kirstin’s story.

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