moon goddess

Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2012

It was dark and silent.  Not even the whispers of wind could be heard.  Blackness was all around.  She sat.  She soaked in it.  She was not afraid.  She did not run.  She had heard many lifetimes before to focus on the positive, look at the bright side, but in the shadows of the moon, light did not exist.  And it was beauty.

Why during her time on Earth was she not allowed to love black, gray and hidden colors?  Planet Earth radiated with deep blues, emerald greens and daffodil yellows – sometimes indescribably wonderful, but Earth missed the wonders of nightfall.  Up on the moon, she looked down at her distant relatives.  They were still young.  Those at age eighty or so thought fearfully that their time was complete.  She sat above, perched on the softness of the moon and smiled.  This is just the first phase of the universe’s course.  Earth is a blink of an eye, but then moon years begin, longer than the word time.

But this was more than the sweet children of Earth would understand, so she giggled to herself, wrapping her shawl across her shoulders.  Her hair flowed lightly and earthlings saw and occasional glimpse of her in a comet.  She flew in darkness, around darkness, knowing it too contained meaning.  Meaning that so many ran away from.  If only they would sit in the darkness, souls would pulsate into a new realm most would never know.  But it was not her story to tell.


behind the scenes

This was a writing prompt in which I had 15 minutes to come up with an unedited piece of writing.


feature image provided by Mario Zampedroni

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