about jessica, a rowdy prisoner

I often surprise myself, wondering how many lives I’ve already lived.


I was once was a little girl who played with worms and ants and bees.
I was once a performer who danced across green grasses, atop school campuses and at celebrated affairs.
I have climbed through chicken coops and acres of farmland.
I have learned of the quiet strength of the strawberry pickers.
I was once a dreamer who moved to Spain upon the brink of womanhood.
I was once a worker enchanted by the romance of Sonoma vineyards.
I have spoken the languages of business and carried transient cards of promise in my purse.
I have twisted native tongue with Spanish friends from far away, unlocking secrets others will never know.
I relate to the wandering gypsy, the lost lover, the hopeful artist, the rowdy prisoner.


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the beginning…

As a young girl, I was exposed to a secret world the first time I heard sweet drops of Spanish roll of the tongue.  I wanted to know what was being said, and even more, how to respond.  I wanted to speak this mysterious language.  As a native San Diegan, I wanted to become a fluent speaker, exposed to the various Spanish languages, the history and the breadth and depth of culture.  I moved away from California for several years to Northern Idaho, where I was exposed to other loves; poetry, creative writing, gardening and homemaking were a few interests I adopted through a year in homeschooling.  I then moved back to San Diego where I continued my love for the Spanish language in middle school, high school and college.  I also grew to love volunteering and community service.  I performed as a dancer, learned about healthy eating, the importance of nutrition and different foods from various cultures and how balance, stress and sleep impacted my life.  During college, I decided to study abroad and live Alicante, Madrid and Salamanca Spain my in college.  Saddened at the thought of returning to the United States, I felt as if Spain was truly my home.  But I decided to take the safe route, return home and finish school.


the middle…

I took a great job for the largest run family owned winery where I learned wine education in the northern California vineyards.  It was in the vineyards that I was exposed to my passion again – speaking Spanish.  I also learned more about my love for grape growing practices, the history of wine, food and wine pairings and learning about the beautiful cycle of the vine.  I also continued with my love for writing by dedicating my time to writing groups and various courses.  Several years later, I decided to return to school and complete a Master’s degree in Spanish in San Jose, California.  While pursuing my graduate degree, I lived for a short time in Córdoba, Argentina.  My passion for travel and desire not only to immerse myself in a culture, but also to become a citizen quickly grew once again.



It is now, as an alumna of the Spanish master’s language, history and culture, I have decided to stop wanting and wishing and hoping and to put this dream into action and instead, make my passion reality.   This is a brief introduction to my flowering as a rowdy prisoner, a courageous seeker of a unique and authentic life.  My interests are many and I desire to learn more constantly.  I hope you will read along this journey and get to know more about me, my history, my present life and where I go.  I am eager to see where I go too, both physically, and inwardly.  I hope to meet many other rowdy prisoners.  If we are meant to meet, I look forward to your story as a rowdy prisoner.


peek a boo…


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