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It is here I’m glad we’ve met.  It is here I hope we see one another often. It is here I share my passion –  my passion for writing, my passion for authenticity, my passion for courage, for travel, for culture. Language. Tradition. Nutrition. Healing. Hope. Change. Transformation. Progress. It is here I hope you feel the shaking and bending of the cage that once fooled us into a binding hug.  It is here we are reminded that we are free.

Rowdy Prisoners is about freeing yourself from what society has told you you should be.  With rowdy prisoners you do not have to be the best wife, the most successful businessman or the smartest student.  Here you are praised for your individuality, your authenticity, your true self!   Here passionate people are celebrated.

Maybe you have decided to start your own business or travel the world.  You are a rowdy prisoner. Not so radical?  A rowdy prisoner lives with passion and risks even in the tiny moments of life – in volunteering, working on creative projects. Simply put, connecting with other souls.

I believe we are as free as birds. We are meant to break free from any cage we are put into.  From the words of the great Sufi master, Hafiz:

The small man
Builds cages for everyone
While the sage,
Who has to duck his head
When the moon is low,
Keeps dropping keys all night long
For the


From “Dropping Keys” in The Gift translated by the talented Daniel Ladinsky

What Rowdy Prisoners hopes to do

I hope to be a source of inspiration.
I hope to share short stories, quotes and reflections as I feel motivated.
I hope to write fun and profound words of wisdom.
I hope to receive stories about how you’ve dared to live a life of passion.
I hope to receive feedback about what you enjoy reading.
Mostly, I hope to write about you.


What Rowdy Prisoners hopes not to do 

I hope not to tell others how to live.
I hope not to spend all my time writing for this site, but do get out and live wildly.
I hope not to ever feel that my journey has come to an end.



There comes a time when one realizes the cage was unlocked all along. Learn More

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