reflections after reading a daily intention

Posted on Monday, February 2, 2015

Today I am asked to witness

Those around me that I am not:


The shiny black coat of my pet

Cat moves towards me on all fours.

Nuthatches and finches shift

From branches to feeder,

Fence to ground.


The crunch of a dried leaf.

The stillness of permanent

Brick on which I sit.

The steady heat in late morning air,

Present yet mild.

The powerful roar of motorcycles

Passing through town.


Bits of green between tight cracks

Push their way toward light.

The skin of the calla lily coils

And curls around itself.


Just now my son carries

A peach pit to me –

Its tiny crevices create a road, like

My heart, to dark and ancient chambers.

He then shuffles off to a pile of rocks,

Lifting and dropping them like bits of sand

Each scattering to new patches of soil.


In my own ways, I know of the

Warmth of rays on my back,

How it feels to fly.

I know of the moments sitting brick-like

Without effort or movement.

And the subtle breeze – to be noticed

Without saying a word.


Perhaps it’s the rock I relate to most of all –

Falling again and again, those countless lessons

Of surrender, crumbling in humility,

But each time lifted with open and eager palms.


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