Posted on Friday, October 21, 2011

It is late on a Sunday evening
You are in the kitchen washing dishes
and I am in the bedroom
The lights are low – just the way I like it

So that I can see the parts of me I want to see
but the parts I am too ashamed of stay hidden in the shadows of the closet

Parts like the creases that have formed across my brow – even at my young age
Parts like the scar beneath my belly button from a foolish burn
but the parts where the light hits perfectly make me smile

I stand before the mirror and cup one breast, still supple and full
I cup the other and tilt my head proud of their perfect shape

As the dishes have come to a silent humming
I turn off the light, walk down the hall and meet you
where the bright moon shines through the windows –
where I can hide behind no shadows.


behind the scenes

“Shadows” is based off more than the mere physical scars we all carry – especially women.  This is about women afraid to open up to themselves and their lovers.  It is about vulnerability and looking at the scars as reminders of our past, but not hindrances.  It is about, in the most honest light “where the bright moon shines,” we can walk freely for the world to see, for our lovers to see, for us to see in ourselves, the beauty that we have, no matter how many scars we carry.


feature image provided by Zachary Malone

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