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have mercy on me

Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2012

have mercy on me

The carpet was soft, squishy, like jello pudding oozing through my toes.  Not a chocolate pudding, but vanilla.  The carpet was vanilla.  And I danced, danced and sang on my vanilla pudding carpets.  I used to want to be like The Judds – Naomi and Wynonna.  To be together with your Mom forever – that would be the life, I thought.  What would it be like to sit next to your mother, her guitar in one hand, strumming the strings with the other?  Or maybe one hand holding the mic and the other tapping her lap.  Or one hand softly rubbing my back, the other following.  Ah, a mother’s company – what a gift for Wynonna.  For now, my twin sister would have to do.

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