tear me open: a poem about birth

Posted on Friday, May 30, 2014

They felt a final push. Ours ended

with the sharp cut of a blade.

Their baby felt the constriction

of their mother’s deepening canal.

You were pulled from

our intricate first dance.

I never imagined greeting

one another in the white walls

of a foreign room. My bedroom had

a rainbow of prayer flags hung,

a glittering of candlelight.

But all that preparing could not

bring back your falling heart.

All my prayers could not

push you into my arms. Our journey

was made down a winding road,

wheeled into the hands

of modern medicine.

Our laborious introduction brought

many tears and questioning,

but those dark hours were meant

to break me down, tear me open,

and bring me into a new understanding

of selfless love.

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