the cage and the nest

Posted on Wednesday, December 26, 2012

One day a little bird challenged his friends:

“What if we are not in cages, but in nests?”

“That is ridiculous,” they replied.

“Look at the metal bars around us

and the lock around the door.”

But the little bird nestled his beak against the wall

and smelled life’s sweetness

within the branches.

“The bars, my illusioned ones, are twigs

stronger than you know

protecting you from predators and harm.

And these locks, these locks are merely the leaves

hardened to seal each of our nests,

to hold us up in the hardest of storms.”

Sometimes our perspectives are the barriers that imprison us.

Open the lock of your mind

and find the beauty of life

at your doorstep.

feature image provided by Frank Gonzales

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