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Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It’s been several weeks now that I’ve been spying on them – the five sparrows – or as I have now educated myself, fledglings.  It was in early spring that I heard a mysterious tapping on my front door.  Irritated and ready to give this “tapper” a piece of my mind, I noticed my cat sitting quietly and alert by my door.  So I had another idea…

I slyly peeked through the peephole to discover two house sparrows diligently securing a nest to the top of my door wreath.  I tiptoed to the front window for a better view and watched each of them gather brush from the neighbor’s planter box and flutter back to my home.


Days later, a complete nest had been tightly built against the yellow, plastic blossoms of my five-dollar door wreath.  I became enamored with my new neighbor, trying not to get too close or disturb the mother proudly perched on her new post, but check-in on her progress from time to time.


Shortly after, five speckled eggs appeared.  Even after mama bird’s startling diversion into my home one evening, she soon found her way back to fresh air and tiny eggs in need of warmth.


Now the constant chirping of these five little blessings remind me of the simple joys.  New life is not simply the nature of things – I see such sweetness in each creature’s offering to existence.  I guess my viewpoint has heightened as I carry a growing seventeen-week-old inside my very womb.


feature image, happy sparrow, provided by lynne parker


  1. What a lovely story, Jessica!

  2. Thanks, Andrea. They are all grown up now and have left the nest. Maybe this is symbolic to how fast our little ones in our own lives grow up. Hope you’re having a lovely day.

  3. Hi, Jessica–I enjoyed reading your post today. And congratulations on your happy news–I hope you are well–it sounds as though being pregnant agrees with you.

    Keep writing,

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thank you very much for your kind comments and for reading the post. Since I wrote that post, the little ones grew up and left the nest, all five of them.

      My husband and I heard the flutter of wings on our door again this week. When I peeked into the nest, I saw mama laid three more eggs. We are blessed.

      And yes, the pregnancy has been amazing. I’m starting to feel my own flutters inside. Such inspiration for writing, smiling and enjoying this new journey.

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