the torero and the bull

Posted on Sunday, September 16, 2012

I love you as a torero

does a bull

with two daggers in each hand



I pierce the heart


Red cape falls


onto the blood stained ground

one knee down

I lift my head slowly


In the arena

the shouts grow dimmer

as and I look into your bullish eyes

you have softened

to see that

this time

I offered

all of me

for you


behind the scenes

Relationship, like a bullfight can end in sacrifice.  Based on one of Picasso’s bullfight sketches, I have captured a glimpse of a lover relating to the torero.  In this case, the bullfighter takes the dagger, and instead of ending the life of the bull (s)he’s weakened, (s)he offers his (her) heart, his (her) life, a sacrifice of unconditional love.  This suggests a new step into the relationship – a vulnerability and loss of self to allow both to live together in the ring.


feature image The Bullfighter provided by Etsy Artist 19sixty4

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