wait for me

Posted on Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why is it so, that my hands can preserve

Precious silk, like a tiny worm, humble

And hidden, creating the softest and

Finest robe for you?

And why is it so,

That my tongue can lash more viciously

Than a wild tiger in defense or predation

Or in it’s very self?

You are the mirror

That blinds me, as the sun burns into my

Very eyes. Hold it a while longer, please.

Be still and trust, that eventually,


I will see.  Once the tears have run dry, and

The lake becomes a wild marsh, you will see

The delicate flowers bloom – emerging

Into what you always hoped I’d become.


behind the scenes

This is about sin and the desire to love imperfectly.  Though imperfect love is impossible, the voice in this poem also shows that our lovers, our partners are our mirrors. Each time we are mad at “them” they show us everything in ourselves.  May we hold that mirror and look deeply at our scars.  It is then, “the delicate flowers bloom” – we can blossom into the beauty that we all possess.  As lovers, let us be gentle and kind to our partners and ourselves as we continue to strive to improve our relationships and ourselves.


feature image provided by Mario Zampedroni

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