“wherever you go, there you are”

Posted on Sunday, June 10, 2012

I once remember a boy in college laughing at a girl who had quotes and sayings posted on her bathroom mirror.  That boy never made it into my house.  I could not disagree more with that boy or agree more with the girl, who like me, showered her house with quotes.

Words are powerful.  Words are healing.  Words transform.

As an adult, I now have a large collection of favorite quotes, some popular and commonly known, others uncommon and powerful.  Books are marked, sentences are underlined, and clippings from magazines are saved and put in a special place.  Each day, I soak up something wise from someone.  I hope one day I can do the same.  Among all the thought-provoking and memorable quotes, one that has stuck by me and been a motto in my life is, “wherever you go, there you are.”  Like many of my favored quotes, the few words sound simple, but so carry much more meaning.

So often, many of us say…

“If only I get this…”

“Once this happens…”

“Once I get this job…”

“When I finally buy a house…”

“If only I could live in another place where I felt I belonged…”

If you stop, look, and listen to these words of wishing, you will see the desire to be in the future.  This moves you out of the present.  Some may think, “wherever you go, there you are” is simply a funny message on the physical level, but it’s rooted deep into our internal struggles.  When I live in a new house, my trait to clean or not to clean remains.  When I change a job to escape stress, it will follow because I create the stress in my life with or without a job.  Instead of being defensive to these accusations, this quote invites a place of inner growth and awareness.

Imagine having everything you wanted and going everywhere you wanted to go.  Now, imagine the way you feel in your life today.  Unless you chose to find a sense of peace inside, no matter what the circumstance, you will find yourself constantly disappointed and full of longing.  So sit down and rest, knowing the power you have inside.

There are worlds inside you; places you don’t even yet know exist.  Stop grasping for the stars above and noticed they are all shining inside you. 



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